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Best Career Opportunities for Common Law Admission Test

  Updated on : 02/05/2017

 by : Admin

Common Law Admission Test is made for understudies to grow their vocation in Law field and they can choose different laws related professions. This is the most obvious opportunity for everybody to demonstrate their qualification to contemplate in top Universities of India. This exam is brilliant open door for those understudies who moved toward becoming attorney, judge, lawful guide or other law considers professions. CLAT is not the least demanding exam to clear.The Common Law Admission Test a much desired entrance examination of the United States has been made by the prevalence of the 5 year integrated law class module with all of the right elements to be an outstanding career choiceLaw has become a versatile and powerful livelihood choice inspired by world class law school like NALSAR University in Hyderabad, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata and the National Law School of India University, amongst others.MNCs spark demand law profession has emerged in the age of globalization, a law entry training institute located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan with unprecedented measurements. In this field, the 5- year integrated law course after passing the integrated law course is the most effective profession choice. Nowadays, many new livelihood opportunities are opened up by livelihood in legal education. Criminal law and civil are no more the main principals of the 5- year law degree as candidates  also examine international law, arbitration and dialogue, commercial and corporate law, IP law, environmental law and human rights law, only to name several areas. Interested student must apply online on the official student CLAT 2017 website.Exam Pattern and Duration: For UG course –  For PG course –  Duration 2 Hours Number of Questions 200 Topics Reasoning – 40 Questions Legal Aptitude – 50 Questions English & Comprehension – 40 questions Elementary Mathematics – 20 Questions General Knowledge & Current Affairs – 50 Questions Duration 2 Hours Number of Questions 150   Topics Constitutional Law – 50 Questions Jurisprudence– 50 Questions General Knowledge and Current Affairs – 40 questions demo

Few things to consider before applying for DU Law Exam

  Updated on : 27/04/2017

 by : Admin

Studying in university of Delhi has turned into an inexorably well known option in recent times. Planning and preparation for entrance exam are the keys to the whole procedure. Anyone can get admission in University of Delhi by focusing on the proper thing at the perfect time.University of Delhi is conducting law entrance exam namely DU LLB entrance exam every year for the admissions to the L.L.B in different institutes associated under University of Delhi. The aspirants who were completed Graduation degree in any stream from a college or institute that affiliated to University Grants Commission in the qualifying exam are eligible to apply.   Picking a correct law entrance exam is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. While there is a lot of information available on internet to help you decide, comprehending what to consider when choosing a entrance exam is crucial. We have mention few factors that can help you assess potential DU Law Exam before you apply.   1. Accreditation   Authorize universities and institutes have been recognized by state or national agencies as providing a high quality education in law. Accreditation is critical to candidates who expect to go to the college, particularly the individuals who should get advanced degrees in law and additionally candidates whose financial aid required. 2. Types of Majors and Degrees Available   Regardless of how great the college, institute or the University, it won't be the correct one for you on the off chance that it doesn't offer your favored area of study or desired degree level. A university's admissions office would have the capacity to answer any inquiries you may have concerning the accessibility of the sort of degree you might want to pursue. University or college website or brochure will also have a wealth of information. Make sure to read about the programs offered and take note of the educational programs, credit prerequisites, and normal rate of finishing.   3. Location of the University of Affiliate Institutes   A university’s location can really matter. If you intend to live at home and drive to college, you will need to go to a campus that is located nearby.   For the individuals who might want to go away to college, you should figure out the university and surrounding area. Try to visit the university or college in order to see what the area has to offer, both on and off-campus.Additionally, while picking a campus, consider organizations based adjacent, as they might be a valuable source of summer internships and future employment offers. 4. Cost and Financial Aid Opportunities Cost one of the most important things to consider while picking a college or university, and you should decide how much educational cost you can bear to pay before choosing a college or university. Total add up to expenses will likewise shift by the length of program you pick.  Despite the fact that the cost of advanced education has risen drastically, so have financial aid opportunities. Financial aid can be provided in the form of a scholarship or state grant or a student loan. University or college generally publishes information of enrolled students who have received financial aid, and additionally the normal sum granted. This information can be a helpful approach to evaluate your own particular potential for earning financial aid if you go to that specific college or university. 5. Internships and Career Service For many candidates, the most exciting part of a university education is applying what they learn in the classroom to practical experience. Many programs will incorporate hands-on training into the curriculum through internship model. Having a dynamic and supportive career services office is essential in the university, and the career services center focus can be instrumental in setting you up for your professional life after graduation. Career services include interview preparation, guiding, resume reviews, job placement support, and much more.   demo

Learn how to cover all topics for MUCLET

  Updated on : 19/04/2017

 by : Admin

Mumbai University Common LawEntrance Test (MUCLET) Mumbai university is one of the top universities in India. Law faculty in Mumbai university is one of the top leading law faculties in the state of Maharashtra. The university conducts exams for the entrance of LL.B (Three Year) and LL.B (Integrated-Five Year) programmes. This exam is held for the entrance into Mumbai Universities two main campuses 1) University National Law School situated at Fort Campus2) School of Law situated at Thane Sub CampusBoth the campuses have 60 seats for each course. The cost for the form is Rs 2,000/- for the general category students and Rs 1,000/- for the reserved category students. The students can download the form from the university website. The students need to fill their applications along with the Demand Draft of the amount equal to the cost of the form. The Demand Draft should be in favour of “Finance and Accounts Officer, University of Mumbai” payable at Mumbai.The entrance exam shall consist of questions testing English grammar and vocabulary, General Knowledge and Current affairs, Legal Aptitude, Reasoning and basic Mathematics. The students need to cover almost all the topics for the test. The students should start with the english section. The english section is one of the easiest section of the test. The studentsfrom the English medium school should have no problems creaking this section. The student with Hindi medium background have to practice a lot. General Knowledge can cover a wide range of topic from constitution of India to history of India. The student must devote more than 2 hours religiously every day for GK question. The GK knowledge cannot be read or understood in just 2-3 months it requires a lot of studying and rigours practice.Legal Aptitude section is designed for checking weather a student has the basic understanding of the law. The students are generally advised to enroll themselves in any coaching centre to  build up their basic law concepts. The students need to cover all the topics in order to creak the exam. The students should start preparing at least one year before the exam. The MU CLET is a highly competitive examination as there are only 120 seats and thousands of students sit for the examination.demo

Study for BHU Law 2017 with the help of Mock Test

  Updated on : 17/04/2017

 by : Admin

BHU Law 2017 will be held for admissions into law course of Benaras Hindu University. The college has one of the best Law programs in the country. BHU was established in 1916. The university was founded to impart quality education to the Indian students. The Law facility of BHU is one of the most sought after facility in the country for doing LAW degree. The exam is held in the month of May. The exam is held offline i.e. the exam is to be given with a pen and paper. The exam has 150 questions which are need to be completed in two hours of time. BLAT exam awards 3 Marks for each right answer and awards -1 for every wrong answer. BLAT is a highly competitive examination. The students should make sure that they have a proper study strategy in order to crack the examination for getting into the prestigious Bananas Hindu University. One of the most important strategy for the students to follow is to attempt as many as mock test as possible. Mock test are full fledged test that available in the market for student practice. The mock test helps the student to prepare for the real examination. The students get to know what type of question come in the examination and what is the overall pattern of the paper. The university wants the students to attempt more than 150 questions in just 120 minutes that less than 1 min per question. Thus the paper has to attempt at a brisk rate. The student must be able to time themselves in order to at least complete the paper. Mock test help the students to judge their strengths and weaknesses. The students will have good ideas on which areas to work upon after giving the mock test. A good Mock test preparation is to give a mock test of BLAT every Month so that the student can access how much they have grown over the month. The student must make sure to solve at least 15-20 question paper one month before the exam is scheduled.demo

Prepare section-wise for LPU NEST 2017

  Updated on : 13/04/2017

 by : Admin

Lovely Professional University is conducting National Entrance and Scholarship Test (LPUNEST-2017) for LAW aspirants. The exam is scheduled to take place in the Month of May. The exam is a screening test for the college to select only those students who have the specific knowledge for the study of LLB in the prestigious Lovely Professional University. Registrations for LPUNEST-2017 begin from 15th October 2016 onwards. The Test will be conducted in online mode (Pen and Paper Mode test is not allowed) as per the schedule. The university does not offer offline mode of examination all the examinations are conducted online. Including the exam for the Law courses. The exam is national exam where students from all across the nation sit for the examination. A select few of the students will also be awarded scholarships based upon the ranking of the student that he has achieved in the examination. Thus is very important for the students to prepare well for the examination. The LPUNEST 2017 for Law will test the knowledge of the student in various fields such as English, legal reasoning, GK etc. The students will have 80 question and the time allotted to the students is also 120 mins for the examination. The exam does not have any negative marks. A student can score a maximum of 200 marks. The maximum marks per question are 2.5. The exam is a fast paced exam with just 120 mins to attempt 80 questions. The students should prepare for the exam keeping in mind the Syllabus of the exam that is :- English Grammar: Parts of speech – Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Preposition, Conjunction Interjection; Tenses – Present, Past and Future Tense in Active and Passive Form; Modal Verbs – Can, Could, May, might, Should, Will, Would. Associative Language Skills: Vocabulary – Antonyms, Synonyms, One word substitution, Word Analogies, Idioms and Phrases; Common Errors – Sentence Correction and Error Finding Exercises; Comprehension Passages – Closed and Open paragraphs, Collocation, identifying key ideas or theme. Quantitative and Logical Aptitude Elementary Mathematics up to class 10th covering: Real Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Statistics and Probability.Logical Reasoning: Pattern Identification, Logical Links and rectifying illogical arguments, syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc. Legal Reasoning Legal Awareness, Legal Terms, Legal GK, Legal Maxims, Important Treaties and Conventions, Constitution of India: Historical BackgroundHistorical Background, Features, Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Emergency and Special Provisions of The Indian Constitutions, Indian Parliament, Supreme Court of India, Distribution of Power Between Centre and The State, President And Vice-President Of India, Prime Minister; Legal Propositions and A Set of Facts to which the said proposition has to be applied. General Awareness Indian History, Indian politics, Indian Economy, Budget & Five years Plan, Who is Who, Sports Events, Awards & Honours, Abbreviations, Important Days and Weeks, International and National Legal Development. It is very very important for the student to start preparing for the exam with at-least a year remaining. The sections like General Awareness cannot be in just 2-3 months. The students have to work hard to increase their GA. Best source to increase General Awareness is via reading newspapers like Hindu etc. There are number of Books which are also available for increasing the General Awareness of the student. English can be an easy section for the students to target. Specially those students who have studied in English medium schools can creak this section really easily. The students who are not from the english medium will have tough time creaking this section. These students may join some english language coaching institute if they want to creak this section. The paper of LPU for the LAW aspirants is easy to creak. The students just have to follow a routine and study in a planned way.demo

MBA after LLB- does it makes? Explore here

  Updated on : 04/04/2017

 by : Admin

First things first, it never to wrong to do an MBA after once completes his grad in law. And this is not rare anymore. Though this path is not ‘logical’ yet many are trying out MBA after LLB and it is making sense. Law students are welcoming this diversified study regime that calls out to LLB+MBA.But the question still remains, is there really a need to do MBA after pursuing law? Well, a logical approach may solve this query. Law graduates have to answer some pretty tough questions if they want to sit for competitive exams to get admission in MBA. A popular reason to do LLB+MBA is that after being a lawyer, you don’t have to quit your job. Rather, opportunities pop up if you add an MBA degree in academics.Career opportunities with LLB+MBAOne more reason that attracts law graduates to get MBA done is that they can have their own law firm with MBA degree. In this specific scenario, with your MBA degree you will know all the aspects of doing business with your law firm. Whether you want a private law firm or search out for job opportunities, you can have both of them with your MBA degree.Having said that, research shows that those running a law firm do lack business skills and can’t look for better opportunities. They lack business insights that can run their organization in a better way. With LLB+MBA, law graduates can have competitive advantages compared to their rivals.Not only that but with MBA, you can launch your own start up. And for the legal sides, your vast knowledge in law will give you enough insights.Let’s find Job opportunities of MBA after LLB1. With this kind of academics, you can work as HP manager to look after management as well as labor laws and different corporate governance. Various job consultancies can recruit you for their compliance training.2. You can find jobs as sales or business development specialist for IT companies or law firm as well. The job profile might have contract management, compliance management and managing related legal stuffs for the company.3. Apart from above mentioned profiles, you can also find jobs in BFSI sectors. You may need to look after contract management,financial concepts and technicalities of law. In this profile, LLB is mandatory along with MBA.So what are you waiting for? If you are looking out for a unique job opportunity, LLB+MBA can turn out to be an interesting one.Know More  demo

CLAT Exam - Shake up your study habits

  Updated on : 24/03/2017

 by : Admin

Now CLAT is one of the most common law entrance exams that happen in India. But not all could score well in the exam, since most of them lack the master preparation plan. Well, these are number of ways that if you can realize.When it’s CLAT, Common Law Admission Test, the first thing you should know is that even minute counts! In 2016, the test is conducted by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala. Aspirants for CLAT Exam must know the competitive level of the test. And those who sincerely focus on clearing the exams have a foolproof plan. You must shortlist a plan that encourages you to study and score high in the first attempt.Yes, it is important to have CLAT preparation tips that can help you to score more than you have expected.Well, to prepare for the CLAT exam 2017 you need to keep the CLAT tips in hand.Make sure that you well understanding on the legal aspects and constitution of India when you preparing for CLAT exam. Since the legal aspects and how you are able to solve them is the basic thing that you need to work on when you are preparing for CLAT Exam.Do make sure that you have the ability to manage your CLAT syllabus along with time. Yes, time management is necessary when you have to handle such a vast syllabus.CLAT preparation tips must also include the ways to practice and revise for the 2017 CLAT exam. Yes, you need to take up online mock tests and practice the past year’s paper so that you stay in sync with the exam pattern beforehand.You need to keep on reading the editorial to store a number of vocabularies in the content when you are preparing for CLAT.You need to add a little bit of stress while you are preparing for the syllabus. Check out some of the logical and reasoning stuffs and revise them wisely.You need to read the yearbook, competition success review or the civil services chronicle to keep a tap on all the general knowledge questions from time to time.Make sure that you are following these tips and set an exam preparation pattern, when you are sitting for CLAT exam in the upcoming year. Keep this checklist in hand to reduce preparation hassles.demo

Important to Study before Appearing for AIBE

  Updated on : 18/03/2017

 by : Admin

The All India Bar Exam or commonly known as AIBE is knocking at the door, right? So what plans have you laid to complete the exam? AIBE 2017 needs you to have a quick guide to help you steer through the education process all quite soon.  1.       You need to prioritize your subjects and then create a study planYou need to put a quick glance at the new syllabus and this will not indicate that not all subject carry equal marks, so you have to focus on each subjects differently. The crucial ones must come before and leave out those which are not there in the new syllabus.  In the new syllabus you will find that these following topics are not included, so you can ignore them for AIBE 2017 exam.· Public International Law· Taxation· Human Rights· Environmental Law· Drafting, Pleading and conveying (though some parts of drafting and pleadings may be covered under CPC)Now which are the subjects that you can study at the last, may be a few days before the examination? Next is the critical subjects that carry most of the marks. These are the important subjects that carries more marks compared to other subjects that Such as -1. Contract (20 marks in total)2. Constitutional Law (10 marks)3. Civil Procedure Code (10 marks)4. Code of Criminal Procedure (10 marks)5. Evidence (8 marks)6. Indian Penal Code (6 marks) After you complete with these 6 critical subjects carrying a total of 64 marks you must proceed to the following subjects mentioned below, which are a little critical.· Law of Tort, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Consumer Protection Law· Labour + Industrial Laws· Family Law· Company Law· ADR + Arbitration Act· Professional Ethics 2. You need to know the techniques of answering your questionsYou have answer the question in three possible ways - 1. By referring to bare acts - this is one of the possible ways if you can do a good amount of rote learning2. By referring to commentaries - you can learn and answer the question based on the commentaries that you come across in the various guide books.3. By recollecting from your memory - you simply need to remember what you have studies through the year and what your tutorials have guided to answer the typical questions. These are the steps that you need to follow and it is mandatory. demo

CLAT Registration Steps

  Updated on : 11/03/2017

 by : Admin

So you are going to have your CLAT 2017 exam very soon. And you have started to prepare for the exam. To fill up the form for this Common Law Admission Test you need to follow the step mentioned below. CLAT registration has started from 1st January 2017. Candidates are free to fill out the application form till 31st march 2017. The candidates should duly fill out the CLAT registration 2017 correctly and completely. Since incomplete and incorrect information in the application form will lead to the disqualification of your candidature. The general steps to follow in order to fill CLAT registration 2017 form are - 1. Register online in the official website for CLAT 2017 Go to the official site of CLAT 2017 exam. Click on the “Apply Online” tab. Now you need to register yourself with the required details. The candidates have to register online and you will find that the Name of the Candidate. You can access the application frequently. Finally, the candidates have to give his or her personal mobile number as most of the communication might be sent via SMS. Hit the submit button at the end. A new page will appear on the screen, next you need to collect the User ID and password through your registered email. 2. Login to the application form For CLAT registration you have to login to the application form with the user ID and password. Fill out all the information required and read all the entries carefully, including various personal details. After you fill up the personal detail in CLAT 2017 form, next comes your qualification details along with the grades that you have secured. Choose the NLUs as per your preference. Finally click on Save and Continue. In the next step you need to upload all the required documents such as a photograph of file size more than 5KB and less than 100 KB. It should be of the 3.5x 4.5 width and height. Signature should be scanned and uploaded, make sure that you sign on a white paper and then upload it. Next pay your application fee by clicking on the button ‘pay exam fee’. Select the payment mode you like and pay. 3. You need to print the confirmation page Click on the link and take out the print out of the confirmation page of your CLAT registration. The confirmation page will be open on the screen and take out a print of the confirmation page for your future use.demo

What is the future prospect of career in law for girls in India

  Updated on : 09/03/2017

 by : Admin

So your girl has just completed the law degree, so what next she should pick up to make everything fall into place and enjoy a smooth career here after. Law has become one of the most promising career options for the girls these days. If you are studying law in India then you can choose from a number of traditional branches and related colleges such as -        ●        Civil Law Colleges●        Corporate Law Colleges●        Taxation Law Colleges●        Labour Law Colleges●        Election law Colleges Though you might not find many girls in this law branches, but with new options coming up, career in law is becoming easier to build. Some of the new careers that you find in law career of today are -       ●        Space●        Cyber●        Intellectual property●        International Laws Since these scope or branches are safe for the girls to study and does not have much impact on their personal life. Why more girls are opting for a career in law? Since it is more like clockwork, you get to the court or in your law firm in a specified time and then you get to return home at a dot time. You need not spend much time in brainstorming if you are into these new branches. Though the traditional branches require more dedication and overtime. If you are studying law in India and you are girl then choosing International laws or cyber laws can definitely help you secure a clockwork job that is hassle free. The payoff for a career in law is goodAn independent lawyer earns “zero to Rs. 15,000” in per month litigation. And if a lady has such good skills written below then they can surely win away a chunk of good things - * Great communication skills* You must have an excellent memory* You should be open and flexible* Need to gain good authoritative leadership qualities* Get into logical reasoning* Must have proper listening and oratorical skills* Have the out-of-the-box thinking abilities* You need to possess all knowledge of statutes, rules and regulations, and notifications* You need to have patience as in some cases the functions drags too endlessly. So if you have chosen career in law then you need to embrace its pros and cons both -       1.       It is a challenging profession2.       It is satisfying to know that you have the ability to save an innocent person from getting punished.3.       You can have handsome financial gains and even social recognition 4.       But if you choose a career in law then you have to get patience as it takes much time to settle and have a great professional recognition.demo

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