MBA after LLB- does it makes? Explore here tagmycollege

MBA after LLB- does it makes? Explore here

By: Admin     Updated On : 04/04/2017

First things first, it never to wrong to do an MBA after once completes his grad in law. And this is not rare anymore. Though this path is not ‘logical’ yet many are trying out MBA after LLB and it is making sense. Law students are welcoming this diversified study regime that calls out to LLB+MBA.

But the question still remains, is there really a need to do MBA after pursuing law? Well, a logical approach may solve this query. Law graduates have to answer some pretty tough questions if they want to sit for competitive exams to get admission in MBA. A popular reason to do LLB+MBA is that after being a lawyer, you don’t have to quit your job. Rather, opportunities pop up if you add an MBA degree in academics.

Career opportunities with LLB+MBA

One more reason that attracts law graduates to get MBA done is that they can have their own law firm with MBA degree. In this specific scenario, with your MBA degree you will know all the aspects of doing business with your law firm. Whether you want a private law firm or search out for job opportunities, you can have both of them with your MBA degree.

Having said that, research shows that those running a law firm do lack business skills and can’t look for better opportunities. They lack business insights that can run their organization in a better way. With LLB+MBA, law graduates can have competitive advantages compared to their rivals.

Not only that but with MBA, you can launch your own start up. And for the legal sides, your vast knowledge in law will give you enough insights.

Let’s find Job opportunities of MBA after LLB

1. With this kind of academics, you can work as HP manager to look after management as well as labor laws and different corporate governance. Various job consultancies can recruit you for their compliance training.

2. You can find jobs as sales or business development specialist for IT companies or law firm as well. The job profile might have contract management, compliance management and managing related legal stuffs for the company.

3. Apart from above mentioned profiles, you can also find jobs in BFSI sectors. You may need to look after contract management,financial concepts and technicalities of law. In this profile, LLB is mandatory along with MBA.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking out for a unique job opportunity, LLB+MBA can turn out to be an interesting one.

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